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How To Shopify Your Etsy Store

eCommerce alternatives to Etsy

On April 5, Etsy launched “Pattern by Etsy”, their eCommerce solution for sellers interested in having a stand-alone, website for their Etsy store.  Etsy Pattern was easy to use and I was able to create a Pattern website that was a copy of my Etsy store, within minutes.   But over-all I did not feel that the features offered in this new service justified the extra $15/month fee.  (You can read my full review of Etsy Pattern here.) Continue reading

How to create your own eCommerce website using WooCommerce

When Etsy launched Etsy Pattern, their eCommerce solution for building a stand-alone store-front, I looked at the solution. My impression of Etsy Pattern  is documented in this post.  I have to say, I was not very impressed, so that got me to wondering about other eCommerce solutions. Continue reading

Etsy Pattern Review from a Seller’s Perspective

My Etsy Pattern Review

When Etsy launched its new eCommerce option Pattern in early April, I decided to investigate.  Given that Etsy Pattern had a free 30 day trial, I figured there was nothing to lose.  Pattern is promoted as a means for sellers to easily create their own eCommerce store front, allowing greater flexibility and marketing freedom in running their business.  With a few clicks your Etsy shop can have a Pattern storefront up and running within minutes.

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Lessons Learned And Advice Running an Etsy Store

I started my Etsy store BellasJardin in 2012, mostly as a hobby and creative outlet.  During this time, my efforts and excitement has gone through ebbs and flows.  In the beginning, I was very excited, not only in the creative process of producing what I was going to sell (plants and gardening decor), but also the process of learning the Etsy platform.  I enjoyed the creativity involved in taking pictures and creating listings.  At first I listed one item, a modern succulent arrangement, and when I received immediate feedback via user “favorites”, I was so excited.  Within a week or two, I made my first sale.

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A Leap Of Faith Today

I have spent much of my life thinking that Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of Your LifeYou will notice I did not say Today.  My life choices were mostly safe, practical, responsible … with adventure and passion taking a back seat to the necessities of family and routine.  But I always admired people who took the road less traveled.  Hearing their stories allowed me to live vicariously through them with the hope that my future would “some how” be different. Continue reading