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The Road to Oia, Santorini Greece 2016

In May 2016, my family and I travelled to Greece.  We arrived in Athens and from there took the ferry and visited the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.  One of the highlights of this trip was in Santorini island. 

Our home base was in Kamari Beach, a resort  town of Santorini, located 10 km southeast of Fira, the island’s capital.  Famous for its black, volcanic, sands, Kamari was nice but touristy.  I wanted a more offbeat view of what Santorini had to offer.  “The road to Oia” (an amazing and scenic hike starting in Fira and ending in Oia) fit the bill.

Fira to Oia Hiking Trail

From Kamari, we took the bus to Fira.  Upon arrival,  the trail was not exactly obvious but using GPS on the smart phone helped us navigate.

fira to oia road fira to oia trail

The path initially meanders through Fira town through narrow, cobblestone paths dotted with white villas and the Aegean Sea below…very picturesque and what you think of when you imagine Santorini.

house in fira views from fira

Further along the path it becomes more remote with stunning views of mountains and ocean until you finally reach Oia town.  Here is a view from the trail with the Aegean sea, a majestic, deep blue, far below.  You can see Oia town, the bits of white far off in the horizon.

ocean view from oia trail vista views from oia trail

It was a long hike, taking us nearly 4 hours to walk the 7 mile trail.  It  probably took us longer because there were so many photo ops that we could not resist but to stop and take photos.   The trail was not the most difficult but it was not easy either, at times uphill with a very rocky terrain.  We went in mid May and the weather was perfect and not too hot.  I could not imagine doing this trail in the heat of Summer.  Oia town was pretty, but touristy as expected.  The real reward was the journey and the sense of accomplishment upon completion… after all we trekked over the mountains !  Following is a gallery of some of the highlights.  Santorini has a lot of offer, from shopping, restaurants, beaches (white, black and even red sand beaches) to museums.  But if you want to take the off beaten path, I highly recommend the Fira to Oia trail.

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