Hey There…

My name is Evan and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and cats, Bella and Oreo.  A software engineer by profession, I recently decided to take a step back, to self reflect and explore opportunities for personal growth, outside the “for-profit” world. I have started this personal website, as an online journal, to document this journey.  In the process, I hope to live a more fulfilling and creative life, that reflects who I am and the values I hold dear.

I am a dabbler and enjoy a wide array of activities, that provide creative and learning opportunities, so I opened an Etsy store in 2012 as a hobby to re-ignite my creative side. My inspiration comes from nature where my love for plants and obsession with succulents dominates.  BellasJardin is named after my garden kitty Bella.

bellaI also enjoy gardening, photography, cooking, travel….  the list goes on and on…  Did I mention I am a dabbler?  When I’m not gardening or traveling or doing the aforementioned activities, I enjoy exploring interesting technologies, among other things.  This site also serves as an incubator for these learning adventures.

I feel it is important to give back to the world in some measure, so I’m always on the look out for ways in which I can use my skills or talents towards causes that I care most about. These include:  education, and empowering others through education to better their world and the world at large.  I am also interested in issues relating to diversity in tech and science or rather the lack of it. I believe in social and economic equity and view access to education and technology as pathways for enabling equity. Some of my favorite organizations include ReadingPartners, TapRoot, GirlsWhoCode and SocialCoding4Good.