Free Stuff For Etsy Shop Owners

I love freebies so thought I should offer some myself. Recently, I’ve been dabbling in graphic design and decided to add some of these creations here. Also included are useful tools for Etsy shop owners. Check out this growing list and enjoy!

Free Etsy Banners

These are 3360 X 840 pixels and conforms to the new Etsy layout.  You will receive a blank banner so you can add your own text.  If you like the fonts used in the sample,  they can be downloaded for free from FontSquirl.  Just download and install and you’re all set.  Click on the image to download.

Bird on Branch


Fonts Used: FjallaOne (main heading) and Sofia (sub-heading).

Etsy Mini Replacement

If you are an Etsy shop owner with a stand-alone website, you may want to link back to your Etsy shop from your website. Etsy has Etsy mini that provides this functionality, but it has limitations. There is very little customizations with Etsy mini resulting in a look and feel that may be mismatched from your website. If you are a WordPress user, there are similar plugins, but those may be overkill and are only applicable for WordPress. If you just need a simple gallery of your current listings and a way to link back to your Etsy shop, this tool is for you.   etsylistings is a simple javascript file that can be added to any website using standard html. You do need to self host your website since you need access to the server to deploy the .js file. You can see this tool in action by viewing my home page as well as my Etsy Shop page.  For installation instructions, refer to this page.