Handy Tools

This page contains some tools developed by me which I am sharing with you. This list will grow with time but will include Etsy shop owner tools, including a replacement for Etsy mini, as well as other tools that I think might be useful. Please feel free to browse this current list or contact me with suggestions on other possibilities that can be added. You can download these tools as well as some of my projects at github

BellasJardin on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user and have a personal website, you may want to display your recent Instagram feed on your site. If you are a Wordpress user, there are plugins, but I don't need the bulk of another plugin, so I decided to create my own tool. Instagrammedia  will bring in an Instagram user's recent media in gallery format using standard html that can be embedded into any site, not only Wordpress. The tool also includes the number of likes per post and links back to the original post on Instagram. You may download this tool and add it to your website from github.

BellasJardin on Etsy

If you are an Etsy shop owner with a personal website, you may want to link back to your Etsy shop. Etsy has Etsy mini that provides this functionality, but it has limitations. Etsy mini has limited customizations resulting in a look and feel that may be mismatched from your website.  If you are a WordPress user, there are similar plugins, but those may be overkill and are only applicable for WordPress. If you just need a simple gallery of your active listings and a way to link back to your Etsy shop, this tool is for you.  Etsylistings is a simple javascript that can be added to any website using standard html.  Follow these instructions to install on your website.