This page contains how to’s, tutorials and other musings related to technology and more. This is where I will share tidbits related to my own learning with topics ranging from e-commerce, Etsy, programming and whatever else I happen to be experimenting with.

Getting Started with Instagram API in 20 minutes or Less

I love Instagram. I enjoy curating photography (taken mostly from my iPhone) from my travels and more mundane day-to-day activities ...
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Etsy Mini Alternative

BellasJardin Etsy Mini Replacement Tool If you are an Etsy shop owner with a stand-alone website, you may want to ...
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WooCommerce and Secure Payment Processing

In a related post I discussed the process of setting up your own e-commerce site using the WooCommerce plugin for ...
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How To Shopify Your Etsy Store

eCommerce alternatives to Etsy On April 5, Etsy launched "Pattern by Etsy", their eCommerce solution for sellers interested in having ...
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How to create your own eCommerce website using WooCommerce

When Etsy launched Etsy Pattern, their eCommerce solution for building a stand-alone store-front, I looked at the solution. My impression ...
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